Hadley Rille Spirit: Centuries of Exploration and Curiosity

Hadley Rille watches are forged through precision and a passion for details. More than three centuries ago a British scientist named John Hadley revolutionized astronomy and exploration with his own precision instruments. 

In 1721, Hadley presented the Royal Society in London with a reflecting telescope, of his own construction and the first of its kind utilizing principles developed by Sir Isaac Newton. His advancement in parabolic mirrors for reflecting telescopes provided the necessary accuracy and power in order to make astronomical observation feasible. His achievement brought reflecting telescopes into mainstream use in astronomy.

However, the world would never be the same after Hadley developed the Hadley Quadrant in 1730. For nautical navigation seamen determined their position using celestial navigation. In short terms sea captains determined their position using the stars as a guide. However, prior to Hadley’s quadrant, there was not a reliable method of determining latitude for a precise position. 

The quadrant that he developed was what is known in contemporary times as a double reflecting octant to measure the altitude of the sun or a particular star above the horizon and determine location at sea. Further advancement by John Hadley even made it possible to utilize the meridian altitude to be used when the horizon was not visible. Hadley’s Quadrant was a trusted tool for explorers and adventurers alike to navigate their vessels safely to destinations around the world.

John Hadley’s technical innovations and passion for precision instruments changed the world. His fascination with exploration and commitment to exacting standards are who we are.

“Our passion for aviation, adventure, and exploration drives everything we do. Hadley Rille builds high-quality precision Swiss timepieces for those who push boundaries and expand the envelope”

Hadley Rille Founder