"Our passion for aviation, adventure, and exploration drives everything we do. We are proud to be an American company crafting small quantities of precision watches in Switzerland for those with a sense of adventure who push boundaries and expand the envelope."


Time began for Hadley Rille in 2020 when we set out to create a timeless and rugged pilot’s watch. Inspired by my love of aviation and vintage aircraft and all precision instruments. Everybody needs a great watch and as a new pilot I was no exception. I became fascinated with classic pilot’s watches and set out to create a contemporary yet timeless pilot watch that my aviation heroes would have been proud to wear. Hadley Rille was born out of my admiration for the pioneers and a deep appreciation for the precision engineering and craftsmanship that took man from Kittyhawk to the Moon in less than a century. We started with a sketchbook and a clear vision, to create a precision tool watch fit for any occasion from the cockpit to the town.  The Escadrille 43 combines robust durability and high grade finishing with the heritage and spirit of adventure. Our watches are crafted by hand, in small numbers in Bienne, Switzerland. 

Tom Reilly, Hadley Rille President



Our Pillars 


Exploration and Adventure 

We believe that limits are for others but not us. We provide precision tool watches for explorers and adventurers who push their limits in every environment from the mountains, to the ocean and beyond the bounds of our planet. 





Our Spirit is an attribute and an attitude. It is an uncompromising pursuit of excellence. It is a sense of adventure, exploration, and desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. An ambition to cut a new path and an eagerness to utilize all of one’s skill sets to get there. The arrogance to believe, the confidence to act, and the humility to achieve. Times change but our Spirit remains intrepid. 






Swiss Made 

When a watch is labeled Swiss Made, it means that its technical development, manufacture, production, and assembly are all completed to exacting standards established by Swiss law.

Swiss Made is a title that represents a legacy of exacting standards and quality. This label exemplifies craftsmanship, unrivaled accuracy, and unparalleled reliability. For those who aspire to push the limits, Swiss Made is the only option.

Our watches are meticulously manufactured, assembled, and tested in Bienne, Switzerland.





Aviation and time have been inextricably linked from the beginning. Our watches are designed to perform in the unforgiving environments of high G and high altitude flight and extreme pressures of undersea depths. Our watches are tools trusted by professionals who go and do. 




The Name Hadley Rille 

In 1730 John Hadley invented the Hadley Quadrant, a double reflector precision instrument used for nautical navigation. Hadley’s Quadrant was a trusted tool for explorers and adventurers alike to navigate their vessels safely to destinations around the world.

John Hadley pushed the boundaries throughout his professional life. Hadley was a respected inventor and mathematician. He made significant improvements in accuracy and power to the reflecting telescope for use in astronomy.

To commemorate his contributions to science and exploration Hadley Rille, a steep-walled valley that winds 100km across the surface of the moon, was named in his honor on the lunar surface. The rille was formed by ancient lava flows early in the Moon’s history and is believed to be one of the most geologically significant lunar regions.

In July 1971, American astronauts gazed down into the unexplored rille for the first time. Hadley’s passion for exploration and adventure laid the foundation for exploring the far reaches of Earth and beyond. This same passion propels Hadley Rille today. 


Hadley Rille, The Beginnings

In 2009, when Tom was ten years old he had his first brush with a World War II fighter plane, a North American P-51 Mustang. Historians argue that this single aircraft, a true collaboration with an American designed airframe and British Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12 engine, turned the tide of the war in favor of the Allies. Seeing this aircraft would change the course of his life.

Tom became fascinated with aviation, history, and all things mechanical. He researched historic aircraft and idolized the pilots who flew them. When he was 16 he began taking flying lessons and flew solo soon after. At 17 Tom earned his Private Pilot Certificate and was off and running on a path to fly the world’s most advanced aircraft.


Our Founder 


Today, Tom serves as the President of Hadley Rille, Limited and leads our small team of dedicated professionals.