Your watch has a 2 year international warranty from the date of delivery on manufacturing defects. Should You encounter any concern with your Hadley Rille watch, please contact Hadley Rille to arrange for your watch to be shipped to an authorized Hadley Rille Service Center. Any work performed by any unauthorized third party service centers will void your warranty.

In order for work to be performed under warranty you will be required to present your watch, warranty card provided at time of purchase, and a description of the alleged defects. You are responsible for shipping costs which include but are not limited to packaging materials, postage, and insurance in returning your watch for repair.  If required repairs are not covered by this warranty you will be responsible for repair costs and costs related to returning the watch to you regardless of whether such repairs are performed at your request.

This warranty does not cover: straps, flight pouches, or defects and damage caused by: theft, fire, loss, or damage from natural causes, deliberate or accidental misuse, improper use, repair or servicing not provided by an Authorized Hadley Rille Service Center, and regular wear and tear.