Hadley Rille: Featured Brand at MicroLux Austin 2022

Hadley Rille was privileged to be a featured brand at 2022 MicroLux in Austin, Texas. MicroLux organized a hosted a great event and we are proud to have been part of it. It was great to have the opportunity to interact with so many enthusiasts and collectors and showcase the precision engineering and craftsmanship of our Escadrille 43 in person for the first time. We look forward to more opportunities to connect with the watch community. Thank you to everyone who came out to visit us and to Austin, Texas for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm for Hadley Rille. 

“Our passion for aviation, adventure, and exploration drives everything we do. Hadley Rille builds high-quality precision Swiss timepieces for those who push boundaries and expand the envelope”

Hadley Rille Founder