Hadley Rille Ambassador Hoyt Richards Film Features: The Charisma Killers, Heartbreak Falls, Stakeout Gone Wrong, Can You Hear Me?


When he is not featured on Access Hollywood for his acclaimed podcast “WHATHEFLOK?!”, Hadley Rille ambassador Hoyt Richards is involved in all facets of independent filmmaking and is exceptionally active in film festivals around the United States. Hoyt has several upcoming films slated for release this fall. 


The Charisma Killers (2023), written and directed by Michael Matteo Rossi is currently in the post-production stage. It is an action film at heart. The premise is that a mentor of seven killers who is diagnosed with terminal cancer gives them each an opportunity at his fortune to prove themselves for one night only to exact revenge. Hoyt’s character is Fowler Sr. in the film.


Hoyt is an associate producer on Heartbreak Falls (2023). The film is in the post production stage as well. The film is a crime drama centered around a high profile business deal. It is expected for release this fall. 


In Brian Drolet’s comedy short Stakeout Gone Wrong (2023), Hoyt plays the role of Agent Mason, an undercover cop. If you look closely you can see Hoyt is sporting the Hadley Rille Escadrille 43 on our black leather strap. 


In the World War I romantic ghost story Can You Hear Me? (2023), Hoyt appears as the German Camp Commander. The film is written by Charlotte Radford and directed by Simon Hunter, it is currently in post production.

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