Escadrille 43 Design and Development

The Escadrille 43 started with a dream, a passion for style, and a commitment to exacting quality. From the dawn of flight, pilots relied on precision wrist watches for navigation and in flight calculations. Aviators utilized wrist watches as a tool and depended on their watches legibility, durability, and endurance.

The design began with a pencil to paper sketch. With each iteration the vision became clearer. We focused on incorporating sleek edges and polishing combined with a fine brushed finish on the stainless steel case. The watch is driven by a highly finished Swiss Sellita SW290-1 bidirectional automatic movement. The Escadrille’s simple yet elegant matte black dial contrasts with oil blue hands and numerals filled with SuperLuminova. Finished with a handmade riveted leather strap and a cognac Hadley Rille Flight Pouch.

The design is contemporary yet the Escadrille 43 heritage stretches back generations. The aviator spirit in the design is timeless. The result is a classic Swiss Made aviator watch with enduring sophistication ready for any adventure in the cockpit or around the globe.

“Our passion for aviation, adventure, and exploration drives everything we do. Hadley Rille builds high-quality precision Swiss timepieces for those who push boundaries and expand the envelope”

Hadley Rille Founder